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The premier furniture management company in New York is also one of the nation’s largest and most trusted — IWE International. Longstanding customers continue to rely on our expertise in office furniture design, sales, and service for contemporary offices, office cubicles and office environments of all shapes and sizes.

As leading distributors for Steelcase, Kimball Office, Global Furniture USA, Innovant, and Gunlocke, IWE is able to deliver the most desirable options and greatest value to customers in the New York area and across the country.

Headquartered in NYC, IWE offices and warehouses are also located in New Jersey, California, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. Additional IWE personnel are located in Denver, Colorado; Omaha, Nebraska; Chicago, Illinois; Hartford, Connecticut; Raleigh, North Carolina; Cape Coral, Florida and Toronto, Canada.

IWE in NYC is featuring office furniture solutions such as VIA Wall with Think Stools by Steelcase, Think Seating by Steelcase, Cobi Seating and Verb Tables by Steelcase, Bingo Seating and Definition tables by Kimball Office, Code Seating by Bernhardt, Bob Seating and Tables by Coalesse, Jersey Stools by Steelcase, and numerous other office furniture designs with Steelcase furniture, Kimball Office, Global Furniture USA, Innovant, Gunlocke, and numerous other top office furniture manufacturers.


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