Height Adjustability Benching from Kimball Office

Kimball Office announced the launch of Xsede Height-Adjust Benches and Tables.

Xsede Height Adjust takes daily work to different levels. With the touch of a button, Height-Adjustable Benches and Tables allow users to raise or lower  their worksurface, supporting fluid, natural movement throughout the day. Xsede excels anywhere from the Open Plan to Private Office, supporting people no matter their personal preferences or style of work. Xsede features additional work surface depths as well as tackable privacy screens, central screens, or double back-to-back screens that adjust with the work surface. Incorporate technology for a high-performing, flexible collection that support today’s modern workplace activities.

Today, workplaces are doing more to support employee wellness, so people can feel their best and achieve their most. An active style of work, one where individuals can seamlessly shift between sitting and standing, is an important part of this objective.

With height-adjustable desks, people are freed from a static position and enter a new dimension of health-positive performance.

 Designed for organizations of all shapes and sizes, Xsede Height Adjust tables and benches support wellness initiatives—with dynamic functionality and a range of materials and styles.

AFD experts can help you design an office environment that puts the health and comfort of you employees front and center. After all, that translates into increased productivity, wellness and moral. Call one of our Kimball Office Specialists today!