Kimball Office announced the opening of its flagship New York City showroom, located on Park Avenue in the heart of Manhattan. Designed in collaboration with Studio O+A, the company’s dynamic urban hub is an environment where energy and technology are interchangeable and talent can flourish. Kimball Office Park Avenue redefines the product experience and establishes a lab for exploring innovative ways of working, testing new theories of collaboration and creativity, debuting new forms and launching new directions in design.

“When designing the Kimball Office New York showroom, the intent was to create a working showroom that is a true creative workspace, giving designers a place to bring clients and experiment with ideas in the heart of NYC,” said Verda Alexander, founder of Studio O+A. “By incorporating a design hub with access to product, materials and technology, this flagship showroom provides a flexible space that can serve as an extension of their office; with everything a designer may need right at their fingertips.”

Today technology is intimately connected with our life, work and communication, and it is incorporated into all facets of the showroom’s design, space and product. A working showroom open to the architecture and design community, the urban design hub immerses designers in a new workplace experience, whether it is researching product, interacting with clients and other designers or simply working off-site.

“Our flagship showroom is more than a place where we showcase product and our brand,” said Wendy Murray, director of marketing for Kimball Office. “Through a thoughtful process of working with the design community and understanding the evolution of today’s workplace, we have designed a space that is focused on inspiring creativity and introducing new ways of working.”

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