The needs of the office worker have changed drastically over the years. You don’t have to travel that far back in time to see the dramatic change that has taken place in the work environment. Less than 40 years ago, the typical office space was an office, with the employees occupying cubicles and the exterior facing offices with window views for executives. There were a few cubicles sprinkled in here and there, with the only people that sat in the open space were the receptionists and the administrative assistants.

Office furniture was also entirely different. Back then, office workers only needed a desk with some drawers, a file cabinet or a credenza with file drawers and a nice swivel chair.

On top of the desk, sat a lamp, a landline phone, an electric pencil sharpener, maybe a calculator or an electric typewriter. Those were the electronic devices at that time.

Client meetings were done in person or on a conference call without a video screen. Internal communications between employees were done face-to-face or over the phone. Internal memos were typed up, copied, and handed out to each employee, and the mailroom was responsible for all incoming and outgoing communications.

And if you weren’t at your desk when someone was looking for you, there would be a stack of pink message slips waiting for you when you got back.

Things have certainly changed since then. The workplace has become more open. Desks have become workstations. And technology has made communication faster and easier.

Of course, as the concept of the office changes, the concept of office furniture must change with it. Now connectivity has to be designed right into each piece of furniture in an aesthetically pleasing way. Seating arrangements need to be flexible enough to suit every work style, and there has to be plenty of places for devices and employees to recharge.

Today’s office space will be very different tomorrow’s. But whatever the changes in the way we work, you can be sure we’ll be there creating the perfect furniture for it.

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