Office Furniture Services

Full-Service Integration.

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Workplace Design

Today’s work environments need to support how people work now while anticipating the changing needs of tomorrow. IWE is a leader in providing its clients with integrated workplace design solutions that advance efficient workflow. Our smart and connected spaces utilize a balance of interactive and quiet spaces to foster collaboration, creativity and innovation while maximizing office productivity and improving the experiences people have at work. IWE has taken a leadership role in workplace design to help the corporate world move from the traditional office to a more agile, technological and people-friendly office furniture layout.

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Project Management

The office furniture project management team at IWE is experienced in all phases of project planning, from pre-order and purchasing to delivery, installation and employee ergonomics training. The logistics of every project, from planning and specifying to drawings, budgets and schedules are expertly managed with our standardized procedures. Our proven methodology ensures that every project is completed on time and within budget.

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Imagine every project folder customized for you with standards, timelines, floor plans, finishes, etc. – all conveniently placed in one online resource area. IWE’s e-solutions enable you to easily access, manage and share essential project, product, and user information. Day2 requests and purchases can be processed through our integrated user friendly, web based tool, which can also be a punch out from your procurement platform.

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Asset Management

Whether you plan on relocating and reinstalling furniture in your current configuration or migrate into newly developed standards, IWE helps make the reuse as cost effective as possible. Our asset management tool, Snap Tracker™, allows us to capture precise inventory information to maximize the reuse of existing assets and minimize new furniture purchases, ultimately leading to lower costs for our customers. This service includes arranging disposition of products that are not viable for reuse through brokerage, donation, or disposal with environmentally sound methodology.

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In addition to offering dynamic 3D renderings and panoramic 360° views, IWE introduces 4D Virtual Reality Visualization — a first in the office furniture design space! While each option can depict architectural details and environments that allow you to visualize the look, scale and feel of your proposed space, the IWE 4th Dimension offers the incredible experience of stepping inside and walking through your workplace before it is physically constructed.

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Whether you need to obtain low cost, high quality rental furniture for temporary spaces; refurbished assets to complement your existing furniture base; entire floors of new furniture for lease; or anything in between, IWE has the resources to help you meet both your furniture and financial goals. We provide flexible office furniture financing and leasing options to meet your specific needs and help facilitate your workplace acquisition strategy.