As companies look to move faster, generate original ideas, and be more innovative, they require the diverse thinking and creativity found only in teams — no one person can do it alone. These hyper-collaborative teams are today’s modern tribes — a close-knit unit with a shared mission, charged with tackling complex problems. They work in rapid cycles, inspired by practices such as agile and design thinking. No longer for early adopters, these methods embrace iteration, mobility, and flexibility. They are in a constant state of change, and they need their workplace to keep up. Yet, most workplaces are unable to easily adapt to their changing needs and become a barrier.

Steelcase designers went out to observe this new breed of team and saw them struggling in spaces that didn’t fit their way of working.

Teams need the flexibility to change their day-to-day activities. Particularly, teams using agile and design thinking practices need to be able to change how they work over time. So, we thought about this through a new lens,” says Bill Bennie, design director. By studying the diverse behaviors of these teams, the designers hit on the idea of creating an interconnected system that supports the activities of the larger team as well as individual work. They created the Steelcase Flex Collection — moveable desks, tables, whiteboards, carts, space dividers and accessories that can be rearranged on-demand by anyone to create environments for teams and individuals to do their best work.

“Instead of one new thing, we ended up creating pieces that all move and work together to let people reconfigure their space in a matter of minutes. The pieces work well on their own, but just like a team, they work better together.”

Active postures in this relaxed, collaborative setting encourages equal participation during an informal design review. Team members feel free to share their feedback and ideas without the fear of being judged. People can see eye-to-eye, eliminating hierarchy. Easy to move analog and digital displays help this team share their work and take content with them when they’re done.

Height-adjustable desks with directional rollers let team members slide side-by-side for pair programming and pull apart when it’s time to focus. Integrated power hosts up to seven plugs with just one cord out, simplifying any move. Screens can be adjusted to privacy or modesty mode, depending on preference.

If office space flexibility is essential to your company’s workflow and culture, let an IWE Office Furniture design expert show the Steelcase Flex Collection and the full line of Steelcase Office Furniture. Call us today.