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IWE is proud to support our industry’s movement toward more sustainable and environmentally responsible workspace design products. We recognize the importance of balancing the current demands of the corporate workplace with the conservation of our natural resources and the welfare of our future generations. IWE LEED Accredited, on-staff Project Managers represent a commitment to helping our customers blend the needs of business profitability, workers’ health, and protection of our planet with office furniture sustainability.

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Our customers know the value of designing employee workspaces to advance employee wellness in every area from office furniture and seating to accessories and lighting. IWE makes it easy and cost-effective to cultivate a comfortable and healthy office environment with a wide range of ergonomic chairs and adjustable height desks. Improving well being in the workplace can decrease healthcare costs and worker compensation claims while increasing productive collaboration and innovation. Businesses are seeing that investing upfront in workplace well being is keeping employees happier, healthier and more productive.

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The most successful workspaces today incorporate an ecosystem of interrelated spaces to promote collaborative and creative opportunities. IWE works with industry-leading manufacturers to modernize workplaces, enabling individuals and teams to take advantage of innovative office designs. IWE’s diverse office furniture solutions help inspire optimal teamwork with higher performance outcomes and greater efficiency. These workspaces enhance knowledge sharing, foster innovation and creativity and improve productivity.

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IWE understands the increasing demands of the evolving work environment. Adapting the design of the workplace to reflect the changes in integrated, internet and mobile technology is the key to empowering the people who work there. IWE’s innovative office furniture solutions align with emerging technology, the economy, and today’s office culture. Our objective is to provide the most inventive workspace strategies and solutions to inspire your company brand and your ability to innovate and energize your company to fuel greater performance and growth.

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Brand & Culture

Building and reinforcing a company’s brand recognition is more imperative than ever. A client’s brand and culture should be apparent in all facets of their workplace environment. At IWE, we work closely with our corporate and architectural & design partners to provide award winning, office branding design and to ensure that our clients’ brand and culture is fundamentally connected to their workspace.

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Planning Ideas

IWE is able to create more desirable work environments by visualizing and designing more integrated office spaces that allow employees to switch from focusing on their individual work to being connected to their colleagues as needed. Our comprehensive planning ideas help clients develop and implement organizational standards programs to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantages.