The Office Furniture Gallery.

Different industries face different challenges when designing spaces that best fit their company’s needs. View our gallery to see how IWE provides a broad range of solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes with the highest quality products from our multitude of suppliers, including Steelcase and Kimball Office.

The office of today needs to flow with the right balance of collaborative and quiet spaces to accommodate the way people work and to enhance productivity. IWE will work with you to rebalance your office by providing efficient solutions that integrate and support current technology. Our corporate office furniture configurations combine cost effective workflow efficiencies, ergonomic design, and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Technology is the single greatest force driving the changes in the way we work. At IWE, we understand that office furniture must address technology needs to facilitate individual activity while encouraging collaboration. We are advancing workstation design and corporate media rooms to sustain a more flexible and effective environment. By integrating and supporting current technology, IWE is able to provide smarter and more connected furniture solutions.

Traffic flow… Turning radius… Stopping power. ..Imagine your new office space reflecting the superior attention to detail found in the finest automotive design and engineering. Welcome to AFD Automotive Group, one of the leading global resources for automotive office furniture expertise, products, and services. We transform the workspace with furniture for automobile dealerships and corporate offices to a new standard of well-designed work environments.

The healthcare industry is focusing on a new aspect of comfort and healing by creating home-like environments for patients and staff. Many manufacturers are producing furniture and fabrics for healthcare with home-like design options. Considerations such as seating dimensions, durability, flexibility, antimicrobial finishes, safety, and green initiatives have all been refined to meet the specialized needs of medical offices, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities.

Healthcare organizations know the importance of creating inviting environments for patients and families with comforting medical office furnishings. IWE has extensive experience in planning office furniture for healthcare facilities to transform clinical environments into warm, welcoming spaces.

We know that in educational institutions, the physical environment has a strong impact on the learning process. To help facilitate a positive learning atmosphere, IWE offers furniture for education that addresses a wide range of facilities and functions. Our furniture for schools, colleges, and universities is conceived to create efficient workspaces for students and faculty. IWE incorporates practicality and utilization of new technologies with design sensibility in classrooms, technology centers, laboratories, libraries and common areas.

As an authorized GSA dealer for many manufacturers, IWE has the expertise to provide cost effective, quality office furniture for government offices and facilities. Our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of various local, state and federal agencies. Knowing the ins and outs of the furniture procurement process and government requirements enables IWE to better serve your needs, so you can more effectively serve your constituents.